Experienced REALTORS®

Experienced Real Estate Agents

Experienced REALTORS®

– Are you looking to take your career in real estate to the next level?

– Do you want to spend more time with your customers and spend less time with administrative work?

– Does your broker coach you to higher levels of success?

– Does your company have core values that align with yours?

– Are your monthly fees growing?  Are your out-of-pocket expenses increasing?

– Do you want to work with a brokerage company offering an array of marketing and technology tools?

Sandlin Realtors® can help you climb higher in your real estate career!

At Sandlin Realtors®, we realize experienced agents have different needs than new agents.  We also know that real estate is rewarding – but highly competitive.

It takes knowledge and skill to get to the top and stay there!  That is why Sandlin’s top priority is to offer our agents in-house continuing education classes, individual coaching and support, proven marketing programs and innovative technology tools.  You do what you do best.  Let Sandlin Realtors  support services do the rest.

Experienced Agents Commissions

Commission Splits

Commission Structures at Sandlin Realtors

Knowing a brokerage company’s commission structure is important to every real estate agent.  Sandlin uses an independent non-franchise style commission structure for our agents.  This commission split increases in your favor with the increase in the volume of real estate closings you complete.   Sandlin Realtors does not charge a franchise fee.

New Agents

Your commission split is something you will want to discuss with our Broker during the interview process.  As your real estate business increases, your commission split (the portion you keep) will increase in your favor.

Experienced Agents

Experienced agents bring a wealth of knowledge and their passion for the real estate industry.  At Sandlin Realtors  we recognize your talent and want to offer you all the support you need to let you do what you do best: list and sell homes.  Let Sandlin Realtors do the rest.  When you affiliate with Sandlin Realtors, your closed volume with your former brokerage company will be used to determine your commission split.

See for yourself.  Experience the Sandlin Realtors advantage by talking directly with us.

Recruiting Appreciation Program

All Sandlin agents are eligible to earn additional income from our agent referral program where you can refer new and experienced agents to Sandlin Realtors.  Enjoy the benefit of working with other agents you like while earning additional income from a referral.

Contact Sandlin Realtors for the Details

We know the importance of Sandlin’s commission structure in your decision process.  While the internet is the place to gather information about our company we feel commission structures are private confidential business information.  To learn more please contact Joey Sandlin at our Portsmouth office (740) 876 4598 

Transistion Is Easy With Sandlin Realtors

Joining Is Easy With Sandlin Realtors

Transition with Confidence When you Join Sandlin Realtors 

When you move your business to Sandlin Realtors  you join a family of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve the increased success you have always dreamed possible.  These professionals will help you transition your real estate business with our core values, coaching, education, marketing and technology.

Transition with our Core Values

Sandlin Realtors  practices our values each day.  When you arrive at Sandlin Realtors  these values will be in place and practiced from day one.

  • Honest and Integrity – This phrase has been a founding principle of the company by it’s namesake, Joey Sandlin  When you practice this core value, your success is assured.
  • Mutual Respect and Caring – When you give respect, you get it back.  Real estate can be stressful but we honor this value by treating our customers, our agents, like we want to be treated.
  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence – We are what we repeatedly do.  Every day we strive to be better – to learn more, to do more, to achieve more each day.
  • Family takes Priority – Success in your personal life helps your professional life as well.  Sandlin Realtors  wants to help ensure that family comes first, then your profession.
  • Loyalty in our Relationships – Our reason to exist as a company is for service to others.  When our high level of loyalty is given to others, we enjoy that loyalty in return.

Sandlin Realtors Core Values are Faith , Family and Then Careers! 

Transition with Coaching

At Sandlin Realtors We are ready to help you move your business.  If you are unsure about the steps to take, they are ready to help coach with experience they have gained over the years.  Let their experience and Sandlin’s reputation help make for a smooth transition.

Transition with Education

Knowledge is power.  Stay informed, stay educated and stay in business.  If you thought you learned about real estate at other brokerages then just wait until you get to Sandlin Realtors.  One of the hallmarks of this company is the value we place on the power of knowledge.  The power to succeed depends on many things.  We know at Sandlin  that education is at the top.  Come to Sandlin Realtors and learn.  We are ready to teach and pass along the power of knowledge!

Transition with Marketing

You know the brand.  You see those Red Sandlin signs everywhere.  Combine your personal branding with Sandlin.  Use the wealth marketing tools of Sandlin Realtors  (yard signs, websites, marketing templates, newsletters, direct mail program, contact follow-up system, newspaper ads, magazine ads, postcards, etc.) to inform your past, present and future customers of your choice to partner with proven professionals at Sandlin.

Transition with Technology

Sandlin Realtors offers you an opportunity to use leading technology tools in your real estate business.  You can sell real estate without technology.  You cannot sell real estate without business systems.  We offer you the opportunity to add our technology tools into your personal real estate selling system.  Incorporate the technology tools which work for you.  We will be with you every step of the way to learn the latest technology tools.

Start out with your personal website. This will not be a webpage that hangs off of Sandlinrealtors.com.  You will receive a full website featuring informative property detail pages and a website with powerful search tools.  Every page on your website will feature your photo, email and phone numbers.  In addition to an outstanding website, you will have access to Sandlin Realtors, high speed internet connections, color copying and printing, multi function scanner/copiers and more.  You will have a dedicated team of professionals to help you blend Sandlin Realtors  technology tools into your real estate selling system.

Transition Now with an email or phone call

To learn more please contact us: 

Email: joey@sandlinrealtors.com

Call Portsmouth Office (740) 876-4598 

Stop in our Office at 836 4th Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662